Rate Term Apr
30 Year Fixed over $333,700
5.625% 1.000% 5.815%
5.750% 0.375% 5.884%
3/1 ARM
4.375% 0.250% 4.213%
4.250% 0.500% 4.204%
5/1 ARM
4.625% 0.250% 4.357%
4.500% 0.500% 4.332%
FlexPay ARM
1.250% 3.125% 3.671%
We will provide you a low cost home, refinance, construction or commercial loan. Enjoy a fast, hassle-free, no-nonsense service from a company that cares, with years of experience, and the determination to get what you want! We can show you in detail how we can save you and your family a fortune on your mortgage loan with our low interest rates. After the initial application is taken, we automate everything through loan submission followed by closing.

Our focus is to reaffirm this companies history of providing outstanding service to our customers. We encourage our staff to develop strong relationships with our customers. As these relationships develop, we understand our customer's needs. As we understand these needs, we provide the services they require with the quality that meets the borrowers appropriate financial and loan requirements at competitive prices. Through good planning, our customers' expectations should be met with timely delivery of the expected interest rate and loan and sufficient after-market service, making only those promises that we can keep. Every person in this organization needs to conduct business in a manner which is courteous and polite.

America truly is the land of opportunity. We will provide the expertise, with a lifetime of support, which hopefully upon qualifying will enable every American as well as Foreign Nationals to realize and fulfill the American dream.

Rates, points, and products are subject to change at any time without notice.

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